S.2291: Collection of Information Antipiracy Act

(Senate Version Introduced July 17, 2020)

  • Text of Bill

Statements and Releases on S. 2291 and the identical bill H.R. 2652:

    • The Association of Research Libraries' "Myths and Facts about H.R. 2652"


    • Competition and Database Protection and how these bills will affect both


    • An Association of Research Libraries brief: H.R. 2652 will harm U.S. Businesses


    • Challenges to Innovation and Progress in Communications


    • H.R. 2652--The End of History, a brief outlining the bill's adverse impacts on historical documents


    • Database Bill, a piece outlining the negative impact on science and basic research (5/98)


    • H.R. 2652 is Overbroad and would harm commerical and non-profit activities



    • Dissenting View by Representative Lofgren in the House Judicidariy Committee Report on H.R. 2652 -- See DISSENTING VIEWS at the end of the report.


    • Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Tel. Service Co., 499 U.S. 340 (1991) (Supreme Court decision discussing importance of free flow of information and that Copyright law cannot extend protection to underlying information in a compilation but only to the creative selection and arrangement of the data.)


    • Information Technology Association of America's (ITAA)'s Testimony on H.R. 2652 (2/12/98)


    • American Statistical Association (ASA) Statement on H.R. 2652 (1/30/98)


    • National Academy of Sciences Letter with regard to The Database Proposal (10/9/96)



    • Prof. Pam Samuelson's letter regarding the Tyson/Sherry report - 10/23/97.



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