NII Copyright Act


Background Information

Congress Delays Needed Action on Badly Flawed Cyberspace Copyright Bill


Issues and Statements

A Statement From the Digital Future Coalition on H.R. 2441

Letter from Companies to The Honorable Bruce Lehman, Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks

Summary of Issues and Proposals to Amend the "NII Copyright Protection Act"

A Joint Statement From Several Libraries

Testimony Regarding Service Provider Liability by Library, Educational, and Scholarly Associations

Digital Future Coalition Amendment to "NII Copyright Protection Act" Facilitating Browsing and Networking ( 106)

Sample Letter to Send to Your Representatives


Press Releases

Digital Future Coalition Says Amendments Needed to Balance NII Copyright Protection Act of 1995

Broad Based Coalition Expresses Concern Over Intellectual Property Proposals and Urges Close Congressional Scrutiney

Digital Future Coalition Says Congress Needs to Slow Imminent Action on Badly Flawed CyberSpace Copyright Bill

Imminent Congressional Action on Flawed Copyright Package Threatens Future of Consumer Electronics, Education and the Internet

Statement by Christine Owens on Behalf of The American Committee for Interoperable Systems

Statement by Carolyn Breedlove on Behalf of The National Education Association


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