DFC Press Release - 11/14/97

Digital Future Coalition Strongly Supports Comprehensive New Internet Copyright Bill;

Reps. Rick Boucher and Tom Campbell Commended for Thier Leadership and Vision


Adam Eisgrau, American Library Association, 202-628-8410 ext. 208

Prof. Peter Jaszi, American University, 202-274-4216

John Scheibel, Computer & Communications Industry Assoc., 202-783-0070

Digital Future Coalition, 202-628-6048


Washington, D.C., November 14, 2020

The Digital Future Coalition ("DFC"), a unique public/private partnership of 39 national organizations, today lauded Representatives Rick Boucher (D-VA9) and Tom Campbell (R-CA15) for their introduction of the "Digital Era Copyright Enhancement Act of 1997" (H.R. 3048). The bill comprehensively updates America's copyright laws to accommodate and foster the development of digital technology.

"These two farsighted legislators know that keeping our competitive edge requires preservation of balance as we update copyright law for the digital future," said Prof. Peter Jaszi of American University, a founder of the DFC.

"Mr. Boucher and Mr. Campbell appreciate that America leads the world in innovative thinking and technology because our law both protects information and affords teachers, students, researchers and every library user access to it," he added.

"Libraries and librarians across the country will be calling Congress to urge the swift consideration and passage of the Boucher/Campbell bill," according to Barbara Ford,  President of the American Library Association and Virginia Commonwealth University's Executive Director of Library Services. Ms. Ford spoke on behalf of a coalition of five major groups representing over 80,000 libraries and librarians.

"It's natural to take for granted the ability to borrow a book, to quote from it in a classroom, or to incorporate it into a teacher's TV lesson plan without getting the copyright owners's permission each time for every bit of information," she explained. "None of those things would be possible now if our copyright laws didn't say so and they won't be possible tomorrow if the copyright law isn't updated for the Internet in a balanced manner -- as the Boucher/Campbell bill proposes."

John Scheibel, Vice President and General Counsel of the Computer & Communications Industry Association added: "This is a landmark piece of legislation that preserves the current balance in copyright law and protects innovation and advanced technology."

"The Boucher/Campbell bill brings copyright law into the digital age," Scheibel added.  "In a single piece of legislation, Reps. Boucher and Campbell have managed to protect intellectual property, facilitate use of the Internet as an educational tool, and to promote innovation in advanced technology. The crafting of this bill represents an extraordinary accomplishment and we look forward to working closely with Reps. Boucher and Campbell to pass this bill into law."

The Digital Future Coalition is a collaboration of 39 of the nation's leading non-profit educational, scholarly, library, and consumer groups, together with major commercial trade associations representing leaders in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer, and network access industries. The DFC is committed to striking an appropriate balance in law and public policy between protecting intellectual property and affording public access to it. Please visit the DFC website at http://www.dfc.org for further information.

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