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A Short Statement about the Digital Future Coalition

The 42 member Digital Future Coalition (DFC) is committed to preserving the time-tested balance between the rights of owners of intellectual property and the traditional use privileges of the public. Created in 1995, the DFC is a unique collaboration of many of the nation's leading non-profit educational, scholarly, library and consumer groups, together with major commercial trade associations representing leaders in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer and network access industries. Thus, the DFC membership represents both the owners and users of intellectual property.

Recognizing the legitimate security concerns of proprietors such as motion picture companies and publishers and the access needs of libraries, scholars, and the general public, the DFC advocates a fair and balanced approach to implementing the World Intellectual Property Organization Treaties. The information sector is the fastest growing segment of the American economy and legislation that fails to account for the interdependence of all those who participate in it will undercut new technology, chill innovation, slow growth among new digital businesses, and harm the libraries, schools and other institutions on which U.S. preeminence in science and technology ultimately depends.



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